React Newsletter #99

Top 10 links of 2017

Hi everyone!

2017 is almost over and to celebrate, this issue is dedicated to the most popular submissions throughout the year! Whether you've contributed yourself or just enjoy reading every week, know that I'm incredibly grateful for your support. I hope you all have a fantastic 2018 and your wildest dreams come true.


🥇 1) How to become a more productive React Developer

Developing complex React applications is… well, complex. You need to keep many things in your head at the same time, and it’s super easy to get distracted and lose focus. There are powerful tools to help you stay in the flow, and make you more productive. In this post, (which is the most popular of the year) Jakob gathered the “must-haves”.

🥈 2) Simple React Patterns

In this post (the second most popular of the year), Lucas review common React patterns which will summarize about 99% of the React code he writes every day.

🥉 3) Building User Interfaces with Pure Functions and Function Composition in React

If you’re reading this you’re probably familiar with the idea of functions. When to use and when to not use a function probably comes pretty natural to you. In this post you’re going to learn how to leverage that knowledge to build better user interfaces.

4) I wish I knew these before diving into React

At OpsGenie, they had a deep dive into React for their Badges project. Canberk learned many new things & made many mistakes. Some of his learnings are subjective, but he thought they may help other people to learn React and avoid making the same mistakes. Long story short, these are the things that really helped him.

5) Functional setState is the future of React

Learn why and when you'd want to use the functional set state pattern in React.

6) How to greatly improve your React app performance

A review of common React performance pitfalls and how to avoid them.

7) Two Tips to Improve Performance by 30% With React and Webpack

At Teachers Pay Teachers, they take performance seriously since it is widely accepted that performance delights users, increases search engine rankings and improves conversion rate. In this post, they’ll talk about the front-end optimizations they’ve made to their recently updated product page to boost their webpagetest Speedindex performance by 30%!

8) I’m Breaking up with Higher Order Components.

David is breaking up with Higher Order Components, and you'll never guess why. Ok fine it's because of the render prop pattern.

9) React Interview Questions

Have an interview related to React coming up? Here are some questions (and answers) you should know.

10) 7 architectural attributes of a reliable React component

This article really is fantastic. It dives into 7 architectural patterns in React. Things like "single responsibility" and "encapsulation" for making the most of your React components.

Honorable Mentions

  1. What is React Fiber?
  2. React Elements vs React Components
  3. [Debounce React and Redux code for Improved Perf](\r\n and-redux-code-for-improved-performance-4b8d3c19e305)
  4. The one thing you need to know about React Router
  5. Fixing the callback hell of over parenting with React

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