React Newsletter #93

setState ftw, performance-tuning a React application, and navigating navigation in React native


setState ftw

This is a speaker deck from Michele, a facebook engineer. In this deck he covers everything you need to know about setState (and probably more).

Performance-tuning a React application.

In this article Josh walks you through the steps he took to improve the performance of a recent React app he's been working on.

Navigating Navigation in React Native

If you’re new to React Native, you’re bound to ask the question — “which navigator do I use?”. The problem is that the answer to this question is actually pretty complex. This article breaks down all the pros and cons of the different routers in the React Native space.

Creating an Accessible React Website

At his work Paul has been working on an online application form in the form of a multistep wizard that had strict accessibility requirements. This post is everything he's learned along the way about creating accessible React apps.


Protected routes and authentication with React Router v4

Protected routes are an important part of any web application. In this post we’ll break down the “Redirects (Auth)” example on the React Router documentation to learn how to create authenticated routes (routes that only certain users can access based on their authentication status) using React Router.

React & Ethereum: Getting Started With The Minimum Toolset Required

Learn how to create a smart contract and deploy it to the Ethereum blockchain, using the minimum toolset required: Remix, Metamask, and any text editor.


Want to ship better React Native apps faster? Meet App Center.

From the creators of CodePush. Ship better apps faster by connecting your app’s GitHub repo and automating the rest. After pushing new code, App Center can build your app in the cloud, test it on thousands of real iOS and Android devices, release to beta testers, app stores, or CodePush, and monitor production with crash reports and analytics. Start for free.


A smart popover component with animation support for React.

react-beautiful-dnd - 2.6.0

A significant update for react-beautiful-dnd: it now supports dragging drag and drop on mobile📱 (as well as other touch devices).

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