React Newsletter #92

React v16.1.0, using React 16 Portal to do something cool, and simple React patterns


React v16.1.0 released

React v16.1.0 was just released with lots of bug fixes, better error messages, and smaller footprint, and more 🎉.


Using a React 16 Portal to do something cool

Portals let you render a bit of React-controlled DOM outside of the parent component. The React docs explain it nicely, using the example of a modal. In this article, you'll take the concept even further.

Simple React Patterns

Lucas has been writing React applications for a few years now and he's noticed that some patterns tend to repeat themselves. In this post, he'll review these patterns which will summarize about 99% of the React code he writes every day.

You are managing state? Think twice.

Recently Krasimir started questioning the state management in React applications. He's made some really interesting conclusions and in this article he’ll show you that what we call a state management may not be exactly about managing state.

The GraphQL stack: How everything fits together

A look at caching, tracing, schema stitching, and GraphQL’s future from GraphQL Summit 2017.

Advanced React Router concepts

In this tutorial, Yomi will highlight some advanced React Router concepts like code splitting, animated transitions, scroll restoration, recursive path, and server-side rendering.


Testing React components

Testing is hard. We all know it. It’s practically a separate skill that needs to be constantly trained and improved in addition to your usual programming abilities. That’s why people find it scary, especially when they’re coming from back-end environment. In this blog post, Michael will prove to you that testing your React frontend may actually be easy to set up and quite pleasant to do.

Debugging React Like a Champ with VSCode

In this guide James will show you how to supercharge your React workflow with Visual Studio Code’s debugging features. You will learn how to hook up VSCode and Chrome so you can debug browser code directly from VSCode.


Adding React Router to a project

In this video, you'll learn how the fundamentals of React Router and how to add it to a project.

8 Tips For Getting Better At React

In this video you'll learn 8 tips for making you a better React developer. Spoiler alert, they are

  1. Setup Linting
  2. Set propTypes & defaultProps
  3. Know when make a new component
  4. component vs pureComponent vs Functional Stateless Component
  5. React DevTools
  6. Inline Conditionals
  7. Use Snippets
  8. Learn how React works

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