React Newsletter #91

I18n with React and i18next, Apollo Client 2.0, and code splitting in React


I18n with React and i18next

More and more apps are being designed for the global market which means your app will need to work for an audience using various languages and dialects. React does not have internationalization (i18n) built-in, but it is not hard to internationalize an app, especially with the help from i18next.

Apollo Client 2.0

Apollo Client is the ultra-flexible, community-driven GraphQL client for React, Vue.js, Angular, and other JavaScript platforms. You just describe your data requirements with a GraphQL query, and Apollo Client fetches and manages the data for you. With over 2 million downloads so far, Apollo Client is the most popular way to use GraphQL in your app.

Impress Your Friends With Code Splitting in React

If the whole idea of code splitting in React is new to you, this article should help.


Creating a chat web app using Express.js, React.js &

In this tutorial Antonio will walk you through creating a chat web app using Express.js, React, and



React component that is magnifiable like the Mac OS X dock.


Log stuff to the console, using React 🕺.


How to build a Redux middleware for analytics

In this talk, you'll briefly go through what Redux is, focusing on middlewares. Then we'll delve into a middleware implementation for a real life scenario.

The Melting Pot of JavaScript

People have mixed feelings about the JavaScript ecosystem. Are we living in the JavaScript fatigue or in the JavaScript Renaissance? Dan Abramov from the React team thinks it’s a bit of both. In this talk, he shares his thoughts on how we can make the tools more approachable and delightful for the next generation of JavaScript developers.

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