React Newsletter #90

Client-driven development with GraphQL, why to use styled components, and what I wish I knew before diving into React


GraphQL: Client-Driven Development

In this article, Dan Schafer, co-creator of GraphQL, talks about some of the fundamental characteristics of GraphQL and how they evolved. It didn't just emerge from the primordial void. There was a lot of discussion and evolution over the course of it history.

I wish I knew these before diving into React

Still new to React? Here are 6 tips that you should find helpful.

Why We Use Styled Components

This article describes what led to Decisiv's decision to add CSS-in-JS to their stack and provides reasons for why they specifically chose Styled Components as their lib of choice.

What Does Redux Do? (and when should you use it?)

By the end of this post you’ll understand what Redux is for, and how to know when it’s time to add it to your own app.

The React Story: How Facebook's Instagram Acquisition

React is now one of the most popular JavaScript UI libraries in the world. It has over 70K stars on GitHub, over 1100 contributors, over 6M downloads this past month alone, and well over 4K company stacks. But when Facebook first introduced React to the world, not too many people cared. In this episode of Stack Stories, they focused on the origin story of the one of the most popular technologies in the software development world: React. They sat down with Pete Hunt, one of the original creators of React to get the untold, in-depth story of why React was first created, how it gained adoption within Facebook due to the Instagram acquisition, and it's eventual release to the public.

Essential React Native Setup

This article focuses on preparing a good React Native development environment and configuration for deployment to real devices.


Mobx Wiretap

A desktop app for inspecting mobx and mobx state tree apps

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