React Newsletter #84

React 16 RC, what is React Fiber, and the React license for founders and CTOs


React 16 RC

The first React 16 RC is now available for public testing. 🎉


What is React Fiber?

Still confused about what exactly React Fiber is and how it changes React? This article will definitely help.

The React license for founders and CTOs

A startup founder and ex-Facebook engineer’s story of the BSD+Patents license.


Progression, Curiosity, and Burnout with Dan Abramov

In this episode Tyler McGinnis chats with Dan Abramov, an Engineer at Facebook and co-author of Redux. They discuss his upbringing and what it's like learning to program in Russia, the backstory of how Redux came to be, handling burnout, and much more.

📷 Image Processing Component for React

react-imgpro is a image processing component for React. This component process an image with filters supplied as props and returns a base64 image.


Validating form inputs in React is one of two things. A manual process that you build into every app, or something you get from pulling in a huge library. This package aims to provide form validation with the smallest amount of code change to your apps! Make a small field wrapper that receives input props and handles error messages, set some rules, and that's it!


react-idle notifies your app when the user is idle. Why is that helpful? When the user is idle you can do things like preload some code-split bundles, download images that haven't been scrolled to, etc. Also useful to automatically log them out of a sensitive website.


A hand wave of React for all your Internet of Thangs

Devon has an NFC implant in her hand and a household full of Internet of Things technologies. She's building out a device that allows her to wave her hand over an RFID reader outside her home and set her entire house to her personal settings before she enters - with React.

Redux + ServiceWorker = Offline React

Service workers can give us instant page loads and the ability to browse with little or no internet connection. This talk includes a Service Worker primer and steps for enabling offline browsing in a React app.

What WebAssembly means for React

There’s a big push to improve React’s perceived performance. And WebAssembly is fast. Could WebAssembly be part of the solution? In this talk, code cartoonist Lin Clark will look at what WebAssembly could mean for React’s performance, and how the new Fiber architecture makes that even more of a possibility.

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