React Newsletter #80

Glamorous v4, imperative vs declarative programming, and 8 thi8ngs to learn in React before learning Redux


Glamorous v4 is here 💄 🎉 🎊

Congrats to the Glamorous team for their V4 release. If you haven't taken a look at Glamorous, now would be a great time. They even have a fancy new website.


Imperative vs Declarative Programming

React takes a declarative approach to building UI. If the difference between declarative and imperative code is still fuzzy to you, this article may help.

8 things to learn in React before using Redux

State management is difficult. A view library, such as React, enables you to manage local component state. But it only scales to a certain point. Eventually you decide to move on to a more sophisticated state management solution such as Redux. Yet there are certain things that you should know about React before you jump on the Redux train.

You’ve got React Native all wrong – DailyJS – Medium

You hear a lot of buzz about React Native these days, yet most people seem to talk about its ability to run on multiple platforms as its main benefit. However, React Native is much more than that.

Evil things you do with redux — dispatch in updating lifecycle methods

We all do evil things. Some more disastrous than others. In this article, the author covers one of the most evil things of all - dispatching in updating lifecycle methods with Redux.


Creating a Blog with Gatsby

Gatsby is an incredible static site generator that allows for React to be used as the underlying rendering engine to scaffold out a static site that truly has all the benefits expected in a modern web application. It does this by rendering dynamic React components into static HTML content via server side rendering at build time. This means that your users get all the benefits of a static site such as the ability to work without JavaScript, search engine friendliness, speedy load times, etc. without losing the dynamism and interactivity that is expected of the modern web. This tutorial walks through all the steps you need to get started with Gatsby.


GraphQL News

GraphQL is rad. So rad there's now a dedicated newsletter for it. If you're interested in GraphQL, check it out.

A collection of Higher-Order Components for React

A collection of Higher-Order Components for React, especially useful with Recompose.

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