React Newsletter #8

Rebuilding HipChat with React.js, First Impressions using React Native, and What's so great about React.js


Rebuilding HipChat with React.js - Atlassian Developers

Another company adopts React.js. In this article Manalang walks you through why Hipchat went with React.js and Flux in order to rebuild its web app and why they loved that decision.

First Impressions using React Native

Still curious about React Native? In this article James walks through more details about React Native including what's happening under the hood as well as building an OpenGL App with it.

What's so great about React.js?

If you haven't noticed lately, React is taking off. If you're new to React, check out this Reddit thread which has some great comments as to why developers are loving React.

60fps on the mobile web

Flipboard has been around for a while now and they've always been mobile first. Read through this article as Michael describes React Canvas, the ability for React.



One thing that always seems to be changing is the right way to structure your files. This is just a simple Gist that Ryan Florence put together about what works for him when it comes to structuring his React apps."

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