React Newsletter #79

React 16 beta, error handling in React 16, and building your own React Router v4


React 16 beta

Congrats to the React team and all involved in shipping React 16 beta!

React 16 is the first release that ships with a rewrite of the React core (previously codenamed "Fiber"). This rewrite had a few goals:

  • Remove old internal abstractions that didn't age well and hindered internal changes.
  • Let us ship some of the most requested features like returning arrays from render, recovering from component errors, and readable component stack traces for every error.
  • Enable us to start experimenting with asynchronous rendering of components for better perceived performance.


Error Handling in React 16

With React 16, error handling is getting a lot better. These changes are included in React 16 beta versions, and will be a part of React 16.

Build your own React Router v4

In this article, Tyler helps you learn a little bit more about the implementation of React Router v4 by building your own mini version of it.

Creating truly universal React component systems

Creating truly universal React components that can be rendered on the web and in React Native is hard. In this article, Max introduces styled-components/primitives, an experimental entry point combining styled-components and react-primitives

Rearchitecting Airbnb’s Frontend

AirBNB recently rethought the architecture for their JavaScript side of our codebase. This post will look at (1) the product drivers that precipitated the changes, (2) the steps we took to move away from our legacy Rails solutions, and (3) some of the key pillars of the new stack.

Using React in Multiple Environments

There’s production, staging, QA, and more… all with their own sets of servers and hostnames and maybe even features that should be enabled or disabled. Plus it still needs to work in development. Dave Ceddia talks about deploying and using react in an array of different environments.

A simple Calculator app using React and Node

In a time crunch, and needing to learn a lot of new tech Olaniran Azeez Olawale talks about learning React and Node with a calculator project. This in depth tutorial gives us a look at a lot of the normally abstracted aspects of building a project and how to tie things all together.


Redux Data Structures

Redux Data Structures is a library of reducer makers. Reducer makers help create common reducers like counters, maps, lists (queues, stacks), sets, etc. Most application states can be built by combining a handful of these standardized building blocks.

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