React Newsletter #78

A look inside REact Fiber, REact elements vs REact components, and sharing stateful UI logic in React apps using Render Callback components


React, Facebook, and the Revocable Patent License. Why It’s a Paper 🐯.

The Internet (aka Hacker News) worked itself into another tizzy over Facebook’s React patent retaliation clause. In this article you'll run though a quick primer on patent law, React’s patent license, and the implications of the clause.

A look inside React Fiber - how work will get done.

Big changes are coming to React under the hood. Here's a great walk through of what to expect.

React Elements vs React Components

A deep dive into the differences between a React Element and a React Component. Fundamental knowledge for any React developer.

DESTROY ALL CLASSES: Turn React Components Inside Out with Functional Programming

With React’s stateless functional components, you can create ambitious apps that are 98% plain ol’ JavaScript. But there’s a catch: you can’t use state or lifecycle hooks. In this real-world example, we’ll use functional programming and higher-order components to refactor a class-based React Native component into stateless functional components.

Redux-First Router data-fetching: solving the 80% use case for async Middleware

This article explains why Redux-First Router’s data-fetching strategy is a sound and powerful strategy for the 80% use case, which in terms of your app may very well be 100% of what you need.


Under the hood: ReactJS

A really impressive series which contains the entire ReactJS code base explanation by visual block schemes (Stack+Fiber versions)


FlexView: the easiest way to use flex with React

A powerful React component to create any layout on any browser using the power of flex.

5 React Component Toolkits

Have you ever built a Dropdown, Table or other component in React and feel like you are reinventing the wheel? It turns out, you are! These common components have been built over and over again. There are tons of one-off React components out there, but this article focuses on toolkits.


Why we Need an App Browser

In this talk I will explore how using React Native with Robotics makes prototyping a breeze and enables mobile control of almost anything

Building stellar user experiences with React Native

As React Native developers, we take so much pride in how fast it takes us to build something functional on mobile. However, the development speed is only half of the story. In this talk Alex, a former React Native team member, will share his insight about building amazing user experiences, and how attention to little design details can fundamentally change the quality of your app.

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