React Newsletter #74

The 80/20 of React Native, the one thing to know in React Router 4, and deep linking your React Native app


The 80/20 of React Native

When building a React Native app, what twenty percent of your effort brings eighty percent of the result? After William built his first app with React Native, three axis immediately popped out - read the article to find out more.

The One Thing you need to know about React Router 4

For someone picking up React Router 4 for the first time, it’s probably very intuitive. For the rest of us, we may be getting hung up on the basics because we didn’t realize the fundamental change… “Routes” aren’t really routes, they are just components.

From Paris to the Silicon Valley: Speaking at React Conf 2017

Ever wonder what it's like to be chosen and to speak at React Conf? Wonder no more.


Deep Linking Your React Native App

In this post, Nader quickly walks through how to add deep linking to a React Native app for both iOS and Android using React Navigation.

3 ways to reduce webpack bundle size – Jakob Lind

Is performance your main concern with your webpack setup? Are you worried that your bundle is too big? Then this post is for you! Go through these three steps to get a quick overview of what to do to optimize your bundle size.


Introducing Launchpad: The GraphQL server demo platform

Apollo just launched a new experience that will make it easy for the GraphQL community to share different API development patterns, host example code, and write great tutorials. It's like Codepen for GraphQL.

Leveraging code-splitting in React Apps

Code-splitting allows you to split your code into separate bundles which you can load them on demand. How do you do it? Why is it useful? How would you do it in React? Answers to these questions and more in the talk.

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