React Newsletter #70

Why React is taking over, E2E testing React apps, and snapshot testing React with Jest


Yes, React is taking over front-end development. The question is why.

Samer Buna gives us a rundown of why React is taking over frontend development.


E2E Testing React applications

End to end (E2E) testing is one of the more nuanced and complex areas of testing, especially in frontend development. Alexander Moskovkin runs through an example of E2E testing a React app.

Snapshot Testing React with Jest

A snapshot test verifies that a piece of functionality works the same as it did when the snapshot was created. It’s like taking a picture of an app in a certain state, and then being able to automatically verify that nothing has changed. Dave Ceddia talks about snapshot testing with Jest.

Serverless Stack - Comprehensive Guide

Serverless Stack is a comprehensive guide to creating full-stack serverless applications. Create a note taking app from scratch using React.js, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, and Cognito.

The level of depth here is truly amazing. Definitely worth checking out.


Complete Redux Book by Ilya Gelman

How do I manage a large state in production? Why do I need store enhancers? How do I test middleware? Get the answers to all these questions and many more using simple terms and sample code. Learn everything you need to use Redux to build complex and production-ready web applications. Currently Free to download!


Reactide is the first dedicated IDE for React web application development, check it out!


Why React?

If you're new to React and the React ecosystem, here's a high level overview of React, Webpack 2, React Router v4, and Babel.

Taming the Meta Language

Cheng Lou talks about meta language in the world of software development. This is definitely one of those talks which changed my understanding of creating software at a fundamental level.

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