React Newsletter #7

Facebook just taught us all how to build websites, getting started with React Hot Loader, and React.js cheatsheet


Facebook just taught us all how to build websites

Sometimes in software development we take great leaps forward as an industry. Memcached, MapReduce, ClientSide templating, and Angular.js are all examples of that. Check out this article to learn why Eric believes that the combination of React, Relay, and GraphQL is once again moving the industry forward.

Get Started · React Hot Loader

Do you use Webpack and want to increase your productivity while building apps in React? Check out React Hot Loader, a plugin for Webpack that allows instantaneous live refresh without losing state while editing your React components.

React.js cheatsheet

Getting started with React? Check out this React.js cheatsheet in order to have a quick reference guide for the React API.


React.js Conf 2015 - Immutable Data and React

You've probably been hearing a lot about immutable data lately. Watch this talk by Lee which some are claiming as 'the best talk on immutability' they've ever heard. Lee dives into using immutable data with React and why the combination makes a perfect pair.

React.js Conf 2015 - Beyond the DOM: How Netflix plans to enhance your television experience

Did you know Netflix is rebuilding ALL (iOS, TV, and Web) of their UI in React? Watch as Jafar goes into the reasoning behind this decision and explains how Netflix is going 'beyond the DOM'.

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