React Newsletter #69

Optimizing React apps in practice, the power of the React community, and an introduction to setState


React is Slow, React is Fast: Optimizing React Apps in Practice

React can be slow. Well, I mean, any medium-size React application can seem slow. But before you start looking for alternatives, you should know that any medium-size Angular or Ember application is slow, too. The good news is: If you care about performance, it’s fairly easy to make any React application super fast ⚡.️ Here’s how.

I ❤ React JS Community

The React community is grand. Here's a first hand account.

setState is asynchronous

Here is a gentle introduction to setState, for React developers, pt 1.

4 questions to ask yourself when you get stuck with React

Every application is unique, and going for generalized solutions is not always the best approach. To find the best solution for the problems in your application requires you to think further than the official documentation and tutorials. Here's a list of questions you can ask yourself when building a React application.

React "Aha" Moments

A collection of "Aha" moments when learning React.

State Architecture Patterns in React

This is the fourth and final installment of a series of articles about state architecture patterns in React.

Redux or MobX: An attempt to dissolve the Confusion

Confused about which state management solution you should use? In this article Robin dives deep into the strengths and weaknesses of Redux and MobX.


Web Like Development and Release Agility for React Native

React Native brought the web’s enviable development patterns like hot module replacement and Redux action replay to mobile, without needing to sacrifice native UI. This talk takes the idea further to explore some more interesting developer workflows.

Jest Snapshots and Beyond - React Conf 2017

With Jest, you can capture snapshots of React trees or other serializable values to simplify UI testing and to analyze how state changes over time. In this talk you'll dive into snapshot testing and talk about other uses for them. We are also going to chat about how some of its internal packages can be used to create your own tools that leverage Jest's infrastructure.

React Performance End to End (React Fiber)

Learn about the future of React in Sebastian's keynote talk at React conf 2017.

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