React Newsletter #68

React Conf 2017, the benefits of React Router v4, and a cartoon intro to Fiber

React Conf 2017!

This week we decided to share some of our favorite talks from React Conf 2017! There were a lot of really interesting and exciting things discussed this year. Click here to view all of the talks.


⚡️ - Michael Jackson & Ryan Florence - Learn Once, Route Anywhere

React Router v4 just launched and it's better than ever. In this talk Michael and Ryan talk about the benefits of the new API.

Lin Clark - A Cartoon Intro to Fiber

Lin Clark is incredibly gifted at demystifying complicated subjects. At React Conf 2017 she dives into React Fiber.

Guillermo Rauch - Next.js: Universal React Made Easy and Simple

Guillermo talks about Next.js and how it makes universal React easy and fun!

Preethi Kasireddy - MobX vs Redux: Comparing the Opposing Paradigms

MobX and Redux are both tools used to manage larger React applications. They both accomplish the same thing but in different ways, Preethi dives into both of them and gives us a solid comparison.

Jared Forsyth - Type Systems Will Make You a Better JavaScript Developer

Type checking is a fairly controversial issue in JavaScript development. A lot of people like the idea of a non typed language, but lately there was been a push towards making js typed with tools like Flow or languages like TypeScript. Jared talks to us about how types can make you a better js developer.

Leland Richardson - React Native in the "Brown Field"

Leland talks about integrating ReactNative into large existing native apps.

Neehar Venugopal - A Beginner's Guide to Code Splitting Your React App

Neehar gives us a guide into code splitting!

⚡️ - Merrick Christensen - React to Code

Merrick talks about using React to build tools in new and interesting ways.

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