React Newsletter #66

Build your own React Router v4, making React Native faster, and pure and reactive side effects handling in React apps


Build your own React Router v4

In this tutorial you'll learn to about what's going on under the hood of React Router v4 by implementing your own version of it.

I made React Native fast, you can too

The purpose of this article is to walk you through how you can use Native tools to track down and fix performance issues in your React Native app.

Pure and reactive side effects handling in React apps

In this article you'll learn how to make your React app fully functional, fully reactive, and able to handle all those crazy side effects.


GraphQL & React tutorial (part 1/6)

A guide to using the latest production-ready tools to build modern apps in 2017, including create-react-app, React, Webpack, Jest, React Router v4, Apollo Client, React Storybook.

Testing React Components Best Practices

The most popular approach to testing React components is to use either Mocha+Chai+Enzyme or Jest+Enzyme. In this article, you'll learn to describe your React components testing practices with Jest+Enzyme which are also applicable to Mocha+Chai.

Render a hearthstone card using React and SVG

The title says it all. Learn to render a hearthstone card using React and SVG.



Simple blog built with Django and React/Redux, deployed with Docker, and served with nginx/uwsgi.


React Trend is a concrete component that does 1 thing, and does it well: generate trending graphs.

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