React Newsletter #64

Dissecting Twitter’s Redux Store, Building React Components for Multiple Brands and Applications, and Demystifying functional programming with Ramda


Building React Components for Multiple Brands and Applications

It's no secret that Walmart has lots of brands. This can be interested from a development standpoint and this article breaks down their multi brand strategy for react components.

Demystifying functional programming with Ramda

This is a very opinionated introduction to functional programming in Javascript using Ramda. The benefits of using functional programming in Javascript and a first look at functions composition. Though Ramda can be used in any type of JavaScript app, I have found it especially useful in my React applications.


Implementing feature flags in single page apps, using React and Redux Saga

Built on frameworks like React, Angular, and Ember, single page apps (SPA) are becoming the new norm for modern applications. They center around dynamically updating a single HTML page via AJAX and HTML5 to deliver a more fluid and faster user experience. This introduces some new complexity when it comes to controlling access to front-end features, specifically via feature flags. This article walks through an approach to feature flags using React and Redux Saga

Universal JavaScript Apps with React Router 4

How to use the latest version of React Router both on the server side and the client side.


Introducing redux-query

A critical component of most frontend applications is synchronizing local state with network state. It’s a problem with many tradeoffs, which is why there are so many different groups exploring different solutions at multiple levels of the stack. The team at Amplitude shares their solution to this problem.

JSON to React

Use JSON to create React Stateless Components! Personally I'm a big fan of jsx, so I don't plan on writing my markup in json any time soon, but I can see some interesting situations where one might want to generate markup via json... This project can facilitate any json to jsx needs you might have.

Styling React Applications with Ant.Design

Ant.Design(GitHub) is much more than a React UI kit with a minimalist design aesthetic and every component under the sun. It is a rabbit’s hole that leads to a giant maze of interconnected libraries, with a serious ecosystem surrounding it.

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