React Newsletter #63

React Native at Instagram, inverting control in React, and when to use Flux library


React Native at Instagram

In 2016 Instagram started using React Native. This article is a look back at some success as well as struggles they faced along the way.

Inverting control in React, Lap 1

This is first post of a series explaining the concept of Inversion of Control and its power in React world. This post also tackles the long running debate whether React is a framework or library.

When do you need Flux library, explained with cars as an example.

After using React for a while you may run into the question or whether or not you should bring in a state management library. This post will answer that question using a car example.

React Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a large word. In this post, Ryan walks through what it means in the context of React and why it's important. If you're new to this concept, definitely check it out.

How to Achieve Reusability with React Components

Reusability is one of the most common buzzwords in software engineering today. It’s promised by a wide variety of frameworks, tools, and paradigms, each of which seems to have not only its own approach to achieving reusability, but its own definition of the word itself. So what does reusability really mean? Check out this article to find out.

10 Reasons why I moved from Angular to React

"I did a lot of Angular 1.x back in the days until I started to use React. I can say that I used both solutions extensively. But there were and are several reasons why I moved to React. These reasons were not clear from the beginning, but retrospectively I think I can summarize these very well."


Browser location as a store for react.js apps

Post shows some unexpected value of using browser location as another "store" within app with react-router.



Bring functional reactive programming to Redux using Cycle.js


React Router Introduction

React Router v4 beta was released last week. Here's a video by Ryan, one of the creators, walking through why it's so great.

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