React Newsletter #62

React Router v4 beta, migrating 100k lines of code from AngularJS to React, and an intro to life cycle events in React


Our journey migrating 100k lines of code from AngularJS to React (Chapter 1)

This is the first post of a series explaining the story and technical learnings this org had from starting to migrate from AngularJS to React.


Optimizing the Performance of Your React Application

TL;DR Profiling your React code is simple using the tools providing by the react-addons-perf package. Once you know where React is wasting time, you can improve the performance by using the correct keys, implementing shouldComponentUpdate in your components, and extending from PureComponent instead of regular Component.



The reactive, serverless, client-side, offline-first database for your next javascript-application.

Introducing Lottie

Lottie is an iOS, Android, and React Native library that renders After Effects animations in real time, and allows native apps to use animations as easily as they use static assets. Lottie uses animation data exported as JSON files from an open-source After Effects extension called Bodymovin. The extension is bundled with a JavaScript player that can render the animations on the web.


App In an Hour: Making a Discussion Board with React and Firebase - YouTube

Enjoy or ignore the snazzy intro music, in this video the author attempts to go from nothing to a Discussion Board built with React and Firebase in about an hour. It's hard work but he managed to get something that you can put messages on and it stores the messages in firebase by the end.

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