React Newsletter #61

React 15.5, SSR shootout, and reasons to love Create React App


React 15.5 and 16 Umbrella

Here’s a speculative list of changes the React team is thinking of doing in these releases.


Server-side Rendering Shootout

If you're in a position where operations per second matter a whole lot, this article might be something you'll want to read. A performance comparison with some unusual players.

"Why I love Create React App (and still don't want to eject)

Fun fact, when I was first playing around with the idea of eject I was calling it "divorce", glad we went with "eject" in the end :P


Practical Redux, Part 8

We've been posting different parts of Mark's tutorial series here because they're just that great. Part 8 dropped today and we just really wanted you to know.

Instant form field validation

Controlled inputs make managing the state of your forms in React really simple. Gosha Arinich shows us how he manages his forms using controlled inputs!


"My First React App!"

A react app that helps you compare the cost of living between cities worldwide written by Hassan Djirdeh

Awesome CRA

Awesome list of Create React App articles / tutorials / videos and FAQ

Konsul - React renderer for your browser console!

Have you ever wanted to spell console with a "K"? Okay, maybe not, but I bet you've wanted to do some crazy stuff like render an image in your console. Now doing so is a lot easier with Konsul. Really neat tool.

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