React Newsletter #6

Data fetching for React apps at Facebook, Unlocking the structure of your React apps with the AST, and tweaking your page in real time


React.js Conf 2015 - Data fetching for React applications at Facebook

Daniel Schafer and Jing Chen describe the approach Facebook uses to make data fetching simple for developers, even as a project grows to include dozens of developers and the application becomes as complex as Facebook's news feed.

React.js Conf 2015 - Unlocking the structure of your React applications with the AST

Lisp programmers have understood the power of the concept of 'code as data' for decades. Having a structured representation of your code allows for an untold number of new applications that go far beyond what can be achieved by treating it as a lifeless stream of characters. Esprima, a parser for javascript pushes your development very far in that direction by allowing you access to an AST (abstract syntax tree) representation of your code, that coupled with the strong conventions and API of React allow for some pretty amazing applications that Gurdas demonstrate how to implement.

React.js Conf 2015 - Tweak your page in real time

In this talk, Brenton will teach you how to bring instant-feedback magic into your favorite editor, where the key-bindings are familiar and your favorite transpilers are at your aid. Make changes to your JSX+JS Harmony+Sass-powered app and watch them cascade across every device on your desk in real-time, with no reloading!

React.js Conf 2015 Keynote 2 - A Deep Dive into React Native

Tom introduced React Native in the keynote on Wednesday and we all had to wait for this talk by Christopher on Thursday to dive deeper into React Native. Watch as Christopher goes more in depth with React Native and walks through a movie iOS app built with React Native. There's reason every React developer has been really excited these past few days.

React.js Conf 2015 Keynote - Introducing React Native

The talk that started it all. Watch as Tom walks through the history of React and how it's gotten to where it is today. He then goes on to introduce what has the whole industry talking, React Native. A way to build native iOS and Android applications in React.

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