React Newsletter #59

% support in React Native, React tutorial, and MobX 3


% support in React Native

Percentage support just landed in React Native which is the best news we've heard all week.


React Tutorial Pt 1: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Apps with React.js

TBT. If you're just getting started with React, here's a battle tested blog post that will help.

MobX 3 released: Unpeeling the onion

MobX is a popular way to manage state in a React application. The team just released version 3. Huge congrats 🎉

The Good and Bad parts of JSX

JSX is a de facto standard for declaring components structure in React applications. It became popular because of familiar syntax, in this case it’s HTML. Here are some good, and some bad parts of JSX.

TypeScript developers love React

“Does TypeScript work well with React?” - Read the article to find out 😊

How I converted my React app to VanillaJS (and whether or not it was a terrible idea)

Buckle Up! This is a long and winding tale (with lots of code) of David Gilbertson's attempts replicate JSX syntax, component structure, server-side rendering, and React’s update magic with VanillaJS.

How to develop a React library

Learn how to build a library in the popular React framework that anyone can use in their application.


Testing React components with Jest and Enzyme

Testing can be hard and often times confusing. This blog post does a great job of walking through the fundamentals of getting started testing with Jest and Enzyme.

Children in JSX

If you're new to React and still aren't sure what "Children" are about, check out this article.

Practical Redux, Part 6: Connected Lists, Forms, and Performance

If you haven't been working through mark's tutorials on Redux you really should consider it. If you have then you should be excited to hear that he dropped Part 6 this week! A lot of in depth things are covered, great stuff!


React Markdown Editor

A simple yet powerful and extensible Markdown Editor editor for React, inspired by GitHub.

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