React Newsletter #58

Thank you to the React Team, React interview questions, and thinking statefully


Thank You For 2016 · Issue #8663

Say thanks to the React team for a great year!


React Interview Questions

Here's a great list of things in React that may or may not be good to know, by Tyler McGinnis.

Thinking Statefully

If you came from jQuery or Angular or any other framework where you call functions to make things happen (“imperative programming”), you need to adjust your mental model in order to work effectively with React. You’ll adjust pretty quickly with practice – you just need a few new examples or “patterns” for your brain to draw from.

Idiomatic Redux: Thoughts on Thunks, Sagas, Abstraction, and Reusability

Mark has spent a lot of time discussing Redux usage patterns online, whether it be helping answer questions from learners in the Reactiflux channels, debating possible changes to the Redux library APIs on Github, or discussing various aspects of Redux in comment threads on Reddit and HN. Over time, he's developed his own opinions about what constitutes good, idiomatic Redux code, and he'd like to share some of those thoughts.

Animating particles using React Motion

Here's a great article about implementing React Motion.

How I converted my React app to VanillaJS (and whether or not it was a terrible idea)

A tale (with lots of code) of David Gilbertson's attempt replicate JSX syntax, component structure, server-side rendering, and React’s update magic with VanillaJS.


A starting point on using D3 with React

D3 is a JavaScript library for manipulating web documents based on data. It has a simple syntax that makes it easy to understand, yet it provides a lot of powerful features for visualisation. React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library created by Facebook for building user interfaces. Among the many features it provides, React enables to build reusable components, providing a real boost of productivity. Using the two together seems a nice idea, but is not as straightforward as expected.


React Native Cookbook

The React Native Cookbook covers the gamut of application development and breaks it up into easy to follow recipes. The book covers everything from rendering complex UIs, working with application data, writing native modules, and deploying your application. For a limited time the eBook is only $5 from Packt, and available at all major book retailers.

Introducing React Reform

Forms have been around since pretty much the beginning of the world wide web. And yet they seem to be very very hard to get just right for modern web apps. There are so many decision to make that might be the right choice in one use case but might lead to a very bad user experience in others. Introducing React Reform, which helps you create powerful themes for pleasant to use forms.

Robe React UI

UI components built on top of React-Bootstrap.

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