React Newsletter #57

React Elements vs React Components, The Most Common XSS Vulnerability in React.js Applications, and why to stick with React


React Elements vs React Components

Components and Elements are two often misunderstood concepts in React. This blog post clears it up. It's surprisingly more simple than you'd think.

The Most Common XSS Vulnerability in React.js Applications

Em Smith shares her insights on React.js application security, and how it is important to remember that just because you're using modern tools doesn't mean you're safe from security flaws.

I’m Sticking With React (For Now)

With all the different frameworks out there, and subsequent framework bashing, Sean Kilgarriff takes it to a positive note and talks about some of the more abstract benefits of using react.

Truly Functional and Reactive way of writing React apps

One of the coolest thing about building things with React is that there is a lot of flexibility around how you can do things. Coming from other frontend tools I had to make a lot of adjustments when realizing there wasn't a single correct way of doing things. Domagoj Kriskovic talks about another way to use React with his Recycle library, check it out!

Telltale Signs Your React App Isn’t SEO Friendly

SEO isn't usually top of mind while writing web apps, at least it isn't for me. Josh Habdas talks about how to tell if you are invisible to Google, and what to do about it.


Brain Freeze

A more predictable state management alternative for React apps!

Webvr Experiements

A collection of ReactVR experiments (potentially also A-Frame and WebVR expriments using ReasonML & Elm)

Pigeon Maps

Are you tired of waiting 3 seconds to parse 200kb of Google Maps JavaScript just to display a few tiles and a marker? 140kb of minified Leaflet too much?

Welcome to the club!

This project aims to provide a performance-first React-centric extendable map engine.


Add redux scaffolding into your folder like a boss with Wooo!


Why, What, and How of React Fiber

React's new Fiber implementation can be a bit daunting. Here Dan Abramov attempts to clear up some of that confusion.

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