React Newsletter #54

Updating mobile apps on the fly, Draft-js pieces, and testing REact components with Jest and Enzyme


Updating Our Mobile Apps On The Fly

Myntra decided to go app-only in early 2015. Though it was a business decision it had a large impact on how tech functions. In this article, you'll learn how they update key portions of their native app instantly.


Draft-js pieces

Interested in Draft.js? Here's an ongoing series about putting all the pieces together.

Testing React components with Jest and Enzyme

Jest is great. So is Enzyme. In this point you'll learn how they can work together to provide better testing to your React apps.

Getting Started with React Native in 20 Minutes

One of the big selling points of React Native, aside from its technical abilities, is its emphasis on good DX- Developer Experience. Not as often discussed as UX, but when it comes down to it, a very important part of delivering high quality apps quickly and efficiently. So put React Native’s DX to the test, and set up a simple login app, with cookie management, in under 20 minutes.


Carbon UI

Carbon UI is a set of Material Design components that work in both React Native and React, making it simple to build write-once, run-anywhere apps.


React Form is a lightweight framework and utility for building powerful forms in React applications.


A collection of composable React components for building interactive data visualizations.


Styled-components: Enforcing best practices

The Styled Components project has become popular lately. In this talk, Max, one of the core contributors, breaks down what Styled Components are and why they're useful.

Production PWAs with frameworks

Addy Osmani works through building Progressive Web Apps with different common development frameworks - including React.

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