React Newsletter #51

React Core Notes, function as child components, and some thoughts on function components in React


React Core Notes

Here are the React Team's meeting notes for last week.


Function as Child Components

This one by Merrick is a little older but it's a pattern that continues to gain popularity. If you're still not familiar with using functions as child components in React, check it out.

Some Thoughts on Function Components in React

It's no secret that React has embraced the functional way of doing things. In this post, you'll find out why.

React 101 - Composition vs Inheritance

React recommends using composition instead of inheritance. But what is composition? What is inheritance? Why should we use one over the other?

Typed Redux

Using Flowtype and Redux? See how they can play together


Building A React/Redux/Elm Bridge

The really nice thing about Elm, is the fact that you don’t have to go “full Elm” to leverage the benefits. A. Sharif talks about building a bridge between Elm and React.

Testing React Native and Redux

On the various projects and teams I've worked on in React, I've found that often testing is not exactly on the top of the priorities. Fortunately Victor Nwaokocha is here to give us a guide into testing our React Native Projects!

Versioning React Native apps

React Native brings together JavaScript, Android and iOS. With that comes three different build tools, npm, Xcode, and Gradle. What happens when we want to release and increment the version? We have to increment the package.json, build.gradle, and info.plist! This post offers some guidelines to make it a bit easier.


How to Help with Fiber

React Fiber is an ongoing reimplementation of React's core algorithm. Want to help? Our friend Dan wrote up some notes that will get you started.


WhitestormJS is a framework for developing 3D web apps with physics with a React-like API.


Convert Mochan TDD with Chai assert tests to Jest


ReactCasts #3

If you haven't seen ReactCasts yet it's a great Youtube tutorial series on short React concepts. This week is about React's Children API.

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