React Newsletter #5

You’re Missing the Point of React, a comprehensive guide to building apps with React, and Griddle - a React grid component


You’re Missing the Point of React

Was the virtual DOM so revolutionary that we're overlooking the best parts of React? It's an interesting question and in this article Dan talks about what he thinks are really the best parts of React, even though they're not typically in the 'React is good because of X' conversation.

React.js Tutorial Pt 1: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Apps with React.js | Tyler McGinnis

React isn’t difficult to learn; putting all of the pieces together to build a full web application in React is. Throughout this series Tyler will walk you through how to build applications in React with Gulp/Browserify, Flux, React-Router, and Firebase. In this first post Tyler gives you a very in depth intro to React covering everything from JSX to State and Props to the component life cycle.


Griddle - React Grid Component

If you're in need of a grid component in React, check out Griddle. Out of the box Griddle is configurable, functional, and fast being powered by React's Virtual DOM.


Are you still experimenting with your React architecture? Check out Marty.js, a Javascript library for state management in React applications. Marty is an implementation of the Flux architecture. It defines a set of rules about how to manage your applications state.

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