React Newsletter #45

React's First 50,000 Stars, How to safely use React context, and Migrating Pinterest profiles to React


Our First 50,000 Stars

ICYMI React just passed 50k stars on Github. To celebrate, the React team has created a React T-shirt that you can purchase. All proceeds will go to Code2040, a nonprofit that creates access, awareness, and opportunities in technology for underrepresented minorities with a specific focus on Black and Latinx talent.


How to safely use React context

Context has always been a mysterious feature of React. Here's a great breakdown of what it is as well as why and when you would use it.

Migrating Pinterest profiles to React

Since 2012, Pinterest scaled their web framework Denzel (named after the greatest actor of all time) on top of Backbone. But nowadays, React is a golden standard. It has a large developer community and enables excellent engineering velocity and performance. In this post, you’ll look at techniques they tried and challenges they faced while migrating to React, starting with Pinterest profiles.

Plain d3 code and React working together

D3 is one of the most ubiquitous data visualization libraries on the web, but it's use with React isn't always as straight forward as one might hope. Christophe Rosset demystifies some of the tricky points with his examples of using D3 with React.


Codebase Overview

Ever want to contribute to React but didn't know where to start? This article may help. It's a walk through of the current React codebase and everything you'll need to know to get started contributing.

Picture this: snapshot testing

If you’re not testing your React (Native) components at all, or are relying on insufficient, high-level smoke tests, you’re not alone. But wait: snapshots to the rescue! Jest’s newest release features snapshot testing – and might well change your mind.

Configure create-react-app without ejecting ⏏

If you use create-react-app as your build tool but you wish it had a little bit of configuration, custom-react-scripts is the library you need. It will allow you to toggle support for SASS, LESS, CSS-Modules, Decorators, and ES7 by simply adding few lines in your config and without ejecting your app.


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