React Newsletter #44

Testing with Jest Snapshots: First Impressions, Redux or MobX: An attempt to dissolve the Confusion, and Redux Patterns and Anti-Patterns


Testing with Jest Snapshots: First Impressions

About a month ago, Jest debuted a new feature: Snapshot testing. It works a bit differently than a normal unit test. Instead of executing some code and comparing the output against a value provided by a developer, the first time a test is run, the output passed into the test is saved to a "snapshot file". This is beneficial for a lot of reasons which you'll learn about in the article.

Redux or MobX: An attempt to dissolve the Confusion

You've probably heard of both Redux and MobX by now but you might still have the question "which one should I use?". This blog post attempts to answer that question.

Redux Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Redux is more of a set of functions that help enforce a pattern rather than a framework. That said, if you aren’t careful about enforcing good patterns, you might find yourself regretting your decision to use Redux. In this article, we’ll go over some Redux best practices we’ve established at Affirm, as well as some common pitfalls we’ve encountered.

You Might Not Need Redux

People often choose Redux before they need it. “What if our app doesn’t scale without it?” Later, developers frown at the indirection Redux introduced to their code. “Why do I have to touch three files to get a simple feature working?” Why indeed!

A new approach for managing Redux actions

When a Redux application grows large, it’s hard to manage long files of actions and reducers. The article introduced a new approach of using one action one file pattern to resolve the problem.


AJAX Requests in React: How and Where to Fetch Data

One of the first questions new React developers have is, “How do I do AJAX requests in React?” Here’s an answer to that question.


Introducing React Native Elements

React Native Elements is a useful set of reusable components for your React Native application.


React Router v4

This is a great video by Michael and Ryan from React Router which walks through the history of the router as well as the design decisions around React Router v4.

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