React Newsletter #43

Sharing code between platforms, a stateless React app, and learning how to build your first real world react app


Sharing code between platforms: my approach to ReactJS and React Native

Hybrid technologies have been employed for quite a while in mobile application development. Frameworks such as PhoneGap and Ionic come with an appealing motto: Develop once, run everywhere. A lot of people, myself included, have found though that hybrid apps just aren't quite up to par with native apps.

With the advent of React Native, the ability for web developers to create native apps has come to fruition, but less in the way of code-sharing, and more in the way of sharing knowledge and patterns. Bernardo Smaniotto walks us through actually reusing some of our React code with our React Native codebases.

State of React #1: A Stateless React App? - James K Nelson

If you're anything like anyone, you might have had some issues setting things straight in react applications. James K Nelson is like anyone, and has had the same issues. This articles dives deep into the issues he faced, and what he did to get through them.


Learn how to build your first real world react app!

Learn the basics of React, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks out there, with Max! It's used by companies large and small including Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb and many more!

The Elegance Of React

This writeup should be a lightweight introduction into writing elegant code with React. A. Sharif combines React with Ramda to write his application in a functional style. All ideas and examples will also work with lodash/fp and other functional util libraries.


Vimrc.js: A vimrc that Just Work

Some might say the hardest part about using vim is getting setup. It doesn't necessarily have great out-of-the-box support for modern frontend tools like es2015, flow, JSX syntax, eslint, and even basic autocomplete. It can also be tricky to jump into someone else's dotfiles for vim support. You really never know what you'll find!

Zach Perrault has taken the time to put together a vim configuration for the modern frontend developer. It has Atom like bindings and some tools that are kind of tricky to set up in vim, like fuzzy-finder and autocomplete!


React Rally Day 1

So React Rally was nothing short of fantastic. In case you missed the talks, all of them are now up on Youtube for your viewing pleasure.

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