React Newsletter #42

The state of JavaScript, beta testing React Native with Buddybuild, and new horizons with Horizon, RethinkDB, and React


The State Of JavaScript: Front-End Frameworks

Sacha Greif has created an interesting survey to get a look at how JavaScript Frameworks are viewed by the people using them. Here are some preliminary results. If you haven't filled out the survey you should!


New horizons with Horizon, RethinkDB and React

Imagine if you didn't need to write your backend because you got it for free. If all you needed to do was write your front-end app and connect it to a ready-to-use and very flexible backend. While there are a few options that come to mind, one of them might not necessarily be Horizon + RethinkDB, but maybe it should be.

Julian Ćwirko dives into the great development experience of using these tools.

Beta Testing React Native with Buddybuild

If you're coming from web development, and want to try your hand at making native apps with React Native, you might find some things to be a bit different. One of the hardest things about native development is getting your app onto devices to be tested. Often you need to test things on a device before submitting them to the Play and App stores. Josh Habdas tells us how he used BuddyBuild to solve this problem.


React Monitoring

Running React? No matter what JS framework, monitor your Single Page App with New Relic


React Patterns

Michael Chan brings us a great condensed explanation and demonstration of different patterns commonly used in React.

React Fiber

React Fiber is an ongoing reimplementation of React's core algorithm. It is the culmination of over two years of research by the React team.

Tree-shaking with Babel and Webpack

This repository shows how to configure Babel and Webpack to enable tree-shaking for development and production builds.

Audio Player powered by React / Electron

Whenever I am attempted to dive into a new technology, I love to see how others have used it via examples. If you're looking to dive into using React with Electron this project is naive implementation of the VOX music player done with those two technologies.


A CLI and OS X app for inspecting your React JS and React Native apps.

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