React Newsletter #411

The new React Native architecture, Bringing React components to AI, and Mental health in open source

Manage all your notification channels with a single API

Knock gives you flexible, reliable infrastructure for email, in-app, SMS, and push notifications, and it's built to scale. It comes with pre-built React components, so you can build multi-channel notificiations in a day and make yourself look like a 10x engineer. [sponsored]


Remix merging with React Router?

Ryan Florence (co-creator of Remix and RR) tweeted that "it's about time to merge the projects", because there are now so few differences between them. Stay tuned.

RSC now in RedwoodJS

The newest RedwoodJS release will include support for RSC and SSR, as the framework starts shifting away from its previous focus on GraphQL.


About the New Architecture

The React Native team wrote this article about the state of the new React Native architecture, which they've been working on since 2018. They share why they're rebuilding RN's internals and what you can expect from enabling the new architecture.

Mental Health in Open Source

Prolific OSS maintainer, Anthony Fu writes about his journey working in open source over the past 4 years, and how he has learned to manage his mental health while contributing so much to the ecosystem.

Why I Like React (even in 2024)

Joshua Johanan writes a response to two common critiques of React and shares why he still loves using it today.

Optimizing Javascript for fun and for profit

romgrk wrote this summary of common optimization techniques that have helped them improve performance of their JavaScript and React apps.


React SDK for Audio & Video

Stream's library of pre-built UI components let you quickly add audio and video features to your React applications like Zoom video calls, Twitch livestreaming, and Twitter Spaces. [sponsored]


A new way to write and structure you CSS that bills itself as a" more maintainable and scalable alternative to Tailwind, BEM, and CSS-in-JS."


Bringing React Components to AI

Lee Robinson demonstrates how to use the Vercel AI SDK to move beyond plaintext and markdown chatbots to give LLMs rich, component-based interfaces.

Finally Fix Your Issues With JS/React Memory Leaks

In this 20-minute video, Jack Herrington teaches you everything you need to know about JavaScript memory management, so you can have a solid grounding of the fundamentals for your next React app.

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