React Newsletter #410

Type system of the React Compiler, Million Lint, and Pigment CSS

Building a React Login Page Template with Clerk

This in-depth guide walks through every step of how to use Clerk to create a secure login page for your React app with authentication, input validation, and styling. [sponsored]


Type system of the React compiler

Sathya Gunasekaran is working on the React Compiler at Meta, and in this article, he wrote about how its type system helps improve memoization and is useful for lots of other analyses too.

Best Practices for Writing Tests with React Testing Library

This article by Alex Khomenko covers some of the most common mistakes made when using React Testing Library, along with the topics like using specific queries to improve test coverage, the importance of *ByRole queries, using userEvent methods over fireEvent for simulating user interactions, and more.

12 tips for setting up your next Expo project

Kadi Kraman helps you "ease the Paradox of Choice" that comes from the plethora of options you have when starting a new project by sharing these 12 concrete suggestions for setting up a new Expo project.

Secure statically rendered paid content in Next.js (with the App Router)

In this article, Eric Burel shares a wrong way to check authentication and payment (using layouts), a correct but suboptimal way to do it (dynamic check), and a better way compatible with static rendering (upfront check in a proxy server).

Projects and Releases

Million Lint

A VSCode extension created by the Million team for keeping your React website fast. It provides an ESLint-like experience for performance by identifying slow code and providing suggestions to fix it.

Storybook 8

This major release introduces RSC support, upgraded Vue and React control auto generation, 2-4x faster test builds, rearchitected Vite support and Vitest testing, and more.


A new full-stack React framework focused on simplicity. It provides a single intuitive directory for everything accessed by a URL (pages, assets, virtual files, APIs and more), high-performance CSS-in-JS, and the ability to fetch and interact with your DB from inside any component.

Astro 4.5

This release comes with a new Dev Audit UI for visualizing and navigating audits in a neatly organized UI panel, View Transition updates, multi-CDN asset prefixing, and more.

Pigment CSS

The MUI team released this zero-runtime CSS-in-JS library that extracts the colocated styles to their own CSS files at build time.

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