React Newsletter #409

New React hook, The future of frontend, and TanStack's new React framework

Convex makes it easier to build fullstack React apps

Their fully type-safe cloud backend comes with first-class support for React/Next.js and thoughtfully designed wrappers for scheduling, real-time queries, and third-party API calls. And it's all backed by a durable, fast, transactional database architected by the engineers who built Dropbox. [sponsored]


PR to add new React hook called useActionState

This new useActionState hook aims to replace and improve the ReactDOM useFormState hook.

React Compiler won't be included in React 19

This tweet from Joe Savona of the React Core Team warns us to not get too excited about React Compiler, because it's probably still months away (at least) from making its way into React.


Navigating the future of frontend

This article on Frontend Mastery discusses how the frontend ecosystem is in a state of transition and tries to connect the dots between the past and potential futures of frontend dev.

Developing a Next.js package for managing third-party libraries

Houssein Djirdeh writes on the Chrome blog about how he and the rest of the Chrome Aurora team created @next/third-parties, a collection of components and utilities for efficiently loading third-party libraries into your Next.js application.


This drag-and-drop email template builder component from Unlayer makes it easy to add a powerful email editor to your React apps. Designs are saved in JSON and can be exported as HTML. [sponsored]

"react-strict-dom", why it's so great?

In this article, Szymon Rybczak walks through the historical background of building a universal codebase that shares components between Web and Native, and how react-strict-dom changes the way we can do it.

Did you know you can write your own typesafe React router in 500 lines?

OlegWock walks you through how to build your own type-safe router from scratch, in order to "open that black box and understand its inner workings."

Improving Shopify App’s Performance

Talha Naqvi writes about how their team made Shopify's React Native app noticeably faster and what they learned along the way.

Internationalization with Remix

In this article on the Remix blog, Arisa Fukuzaki writes about the fundamental logic behind i18n and how to implement i18n in a Remix app.


Senior or Staff Front-end Engineer is looking for an experienced React developer to help design and implement major user-facing features. Close is a 100% globally distributed team of ~90 happy people, dedicated to building a product our customers love.


TanStack Start (WIP)

Tanner Linsley tweeted about how he is in the early stages of building a full-stack React framework called TanStack Start, using TanStack Router and Vinxi.

WinterJS 1.0

An incredibly fast WinterCG-compatible JavaScript runtime that's written in Rust and claims to be able to handle more requests per second than Bun. It comes with full support for Next.js and RSC.


A codegen tool that enables you to write React components using only CSS (JS-from-CSS).

React Geiger

A tool for "audiolizing" React performance issues. You can have it running in the background, and it will make little clicks, which will point your attention to excessive, slow component rerenders.


Is TanStack Router Better Than React Router?

In this 18-minute video, Jack Herrington breaks down the key differences between TanStack Router and React Router and makes a good case for why you should give it a try.

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