React Newsletter #408

Vercel AI SDK 3.0, 12 years at Meta, and How to use CSS hooks to style your React apps

Sentry Launch Week

Sentry Launch Week is happening from March 18-22, and they’re announcing new products, new features, and a bunch of other cool stuff. You can get a sneak peek (and win free swag) if you sign up for their launch week email list. It’s a win-win. [sponsored]


Vercel AI SDK 3.0

This release open-sources the generative UI technology behind Vercel's v0 and allows you to stream React Server Components from LLMs to deliver more rich user experiences.


Why React Server Components Are Breaking Builds to Win Tomorrow

Vishwas Gopinath wrote this in-depth article to "guide you through the journey of React's rendering evolution over the years" to help you understand why React Server Components are the future of building high-performance React applications.

12 years at Meta

Chris Chedeau (aka Vjeux) reflects on his 12 years of working at Meta, writing about his work on React Native, Prettier, and other projects in the open-source ecosystem.

Avoiding Hydration Mismatches with useSyncExternalStore

TkDodo writes about some common (and less than ideal) approaches to avoiding hydration mismatches in React, and why useSyncExternalStore provides the best solution to the problem.

How to use CSS Hooks to style your React app

In this article, Jamie Kuppens writes about the problems with CSS in JS libraries and how CSS Hooks offers a more performant alternative by leveraging CSS variables and providing a unique approach to managing styles in web apps.

How to build an offline-first app using Expo & Legend State

In this article on the Expo blog, Callum Hemsley walks you through his journey of building an offline-first expenses tracker application with Legend State in an Expo app. Data in the app syncs immediately to local storage, then upload to the cloud once a device is online, ensuring seamless updates across all users' devices.


Senior or Staff Front-end Engineer is looking for an experienced React developer to help design and implement major user-facing features. Close is a 100% globally distributed team of ~90 happy people, dedicated to building a product our customers love.


Functional UI Kit

A professionally crafted design system that provides precise Figma and React components that focus on accessibility, development experience, and a unified designer-developer experience.


This open-source, 3D version of Mario-Kart is built with React that runs entirely in the browser. Created by Alex Lunakepio.


A new React component library for beautifully shaded canvas.

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