React Newsletter #407

Meta's React Strict DOM, Instant search params with RSC, and Remix 2.7

Manage all your notification channels with a single API

Knock gives you flexible, reliable infrastructure for email, in-app, SMS, and push notifications, and it's built to scale. It comes with pre-built React components, so you can build multi-channel notifications in a day and make yourself look like a 10x engineer. [sponsored]


Meta releases React Strict DOM

React Strict DOM (RSD) is an experimental integration of React DOM and Meta's styling system, StyleX that aims to "improve and standardize the development of styled React components for the web and native."


Instant Search Params with React Server Components

Sam Selikoff writes about how React's new experimental useOptimistic hook lets you merge ephemeral client-side state with server-side data, then he walks through a live demo he built with useOptimistic, so you can see it in action.

React Will Be Compiled

Brad Westfall uses some code examples and historical context to explain what it will mean for React to become "compiled" with the new React Compiler.

HTMX vs React: A Complete Comparison

In this HTMX vs React guide, Antonello Zanini and Dan Ackerson write about what features HTMX offers, why their team at Semaphore decided to use it, and how it compares to React in terms of performance, community, functionality, and more.

What we've learned from the transition to Next.js 14 with Server Components

Victor Gerbrands from the Medusa team writes about everything he and his team learned from incorporating Next.js 14 and features like App Router, Server Components, and Server Actions into their Medusa Next.js Starter Template.

Projects & Releases

Remix 2.7

This release introduced stable Vite support and a new SPA Mode, which gives you a similar experience to React Router + Vite, but also comes with the benefits of Remix's file-based routing, automatic code splitting, head tag management, and more.


This drag-and-drop email template builder component from Unlayer makes it easy to add a powerful email editor to your React apps. Designs are saved in JSON and can be exported as HTML. [sponsored]

Hono v4

This Web Standards-based server framework recently released client components that work just like React hooks, including useContext, useEffect, and useState.

RedwoodJS v7.0

This major release comes with a new observability tool called Redwood Studio, lots of new GraphQL features, new router hooks, and more.


A batteries-included framework for building web apps in Python and React.

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