React Newsletter #405

Storybook 8 beta, Open sourcing the Remix website, and Optimizing videos in Next.js

Multi is the best way to pair program remotely

Their free macOS app adds a multiplayer layer to your desktop, so you can collaborate and build together with your team in real time. It comes with blazing fast shared control that lets you share cursors and take control of each others' apps, plus high-quality video sharing and the ability for multiple people to screenshare simultaneously 🤯. [sponsored]


Storybook 8 beta

The biggest priority for this major release is improving Storybook's compatibility and performance. It also comes with automated visual tests, improved test utilities, a new mobile UI, and more.

Remix 2.6

This release comes with updates to the still-unstable Vite plugin, Cloudflare support, and lots of minor changes.


How we Increased Search Traffic by 20x in 4 Months with the Next.js App Router

In this in-depth article, Adam Fortuna writes about how his team was able to significantly improve performance and get more traffic by utilizing the Next.js App Router.

Open Sourcing the Remix Website

Brooks Lybrand writes about why the Remix team decided to open source their website, how it currently works today, and how developers can contribute in the future.

Instant React component usage analytics with Omlet

Omlet is a new product to measure component usage, optimize your codebase, and drive design system adoption. Use Omlet to improve code consistency and reusability for your entire team. [sponsored]

Avoid using React’s useFormStatus

Allan Lasser wrote this critical article about why he has found the useFormStatus hook to be "all but useless", including the problem with its current design and implementation.

Optimizing videos in Next.js

This new section of the Next.js docs outlines how to use videos with Next.js, including how to store and display video files without affecting performance.

Remix Takes on Next.js in Battle of the React Frameworks

Richard MacManus interviewed Remix co-creator, Michael Jackson about the origins of Remix, how Remix is used in Shopify's stack, how Remix is tackling React complexity, and more.


Senior or Staff Front-end Engineer is looking for an experienced React developer to help design and implement major user-facing features. Close is a 100% globally distributed team of ~90 happy people, dedicated to building a product our customers love.

React Native SDK Team Lead

Do you enjoy solving complex technical challenges and building for other developers? Stream is hiring for a React Native Team Lead to work on our open-source Chat and Video SDKs that are used by thousands of developers and over 1 billion end users.



A custom React hook built on top of GSAP that solves a few React-specific pain points when building animations. The GSAP team also made this 12-minute demo video to show how it works.


A drop-in replacement for the <TextInput> component that gives you live synchronous formatting on every keystroke, a fully native experience, and customizable styles.


Dan Abramov on React, RSCs, and the future

This 35-minute interview with Dan Abramov dives into his history with programming and a longer form explanation of React Server Components.

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