React Newsletter #404

React Native for Apple Vision Pro, Million.js v3.0, and the full details of a Next.js App Router migration

Convex makes it drop-dead simple to build fullstack React apps

Their fully type-safe cloud backend comes with first-class support for React/Next.js and thoughtfully designed wrappers for scheduling, real-time queries, and third-party API calls. And it's all backed by a durable, fast, transactional database architected by the engineers who built Dropbox. [sponsored]


React Native is now available for the Apple Vision Pro

The Callstack team just released React Native visionOS, which they explain as "an out-of-tree platform that is essentially a fork of the React Native core, extending its possibilities to new platforms." It allows you to build more immersive, native experiences for the Apple Vision Pro using React Native.

Million.js v3.0

This new release for the "optimizing compiler for React" introduces a complete rewrite of the compiler with better TypeScript support, multiple returns, and handling of nested React components. It also comes with a new hydration system with better performance.


Next.js App Router Migration: The good, bad, and ugly

In this article, Brandon Bayer (CEO of Flightcontrol and creator of Blitz.js) writes about his team's experience rebuilding their Flightcontrol dashboard from scratch using Next.js App Router and why he ultimately wishes they had used Remix instead.

Build a Next.js app in Storybook with React Server Components and Mock Service Worker

Michael Shilman from the Storybook team writes about how (and why) to build an entire app in isolation with the Next.js App Router and how Storybook can simplify that experience.

Take a Qwik Break from React with Astro

In this article, Paul Scanlon writes about how Qwik has given him the best of both React and Vanilla JS when adding some client-side interactivity to his Astro sites. He shares how Qwik is "lighter than React and less verbose than Vanilla," and what it's like to use it as someone who has a lot of experience working with React.


StyleX v0.5.0

This new release of Meta's internal styling system introduces a new stylex.attrs function, a new official ESbuild plugin (@stylexjs/esbuild-plugin), and more.

React Cosmos v6.0

React Cosmos is an extendable sandbox for developing and testing UI components in isolation. This v6.0 release has been over two years in the making and comes with a full-stack plugin system that enables bundler integrations, first-class support for RSC, support for MDX Fixtures, and more.

Redux Toolkit 2.1

This release adds withTypes methods to listenerMiddleware and createDraftSafeSelector, reworks slice selector logic to avoid depending on this value, and adds the ability to customize the createSelector instance.


You need React Query now more than ever

In this 11-minute video, Theo Browne discusses why React Query is more vital than ever before and why he considers it "an essential dependency" for all of his React project.

Are RSCs and NextJS Really That Bad?

In this 10-minute video, Jack Herrington boldly defies the current hate that we're seeing for RSC and walks through three different use cases where the Next.js App Router offers a significantly better experience than the Pages Router.

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