React Newsletter #401

Common mistakes with App Router, websites vs web apps, and a type-safe API route handlers for Next.js

Clerk is the easiest way to set up auth for your React app

Get drop-in authentication for your React app using Clerk. Their quickstart guide streamlines integration with ready-to-use components, hooks, and helpers, ensuring a smooth authentication and user management experience that just works. [sponsored]


Common mistakes with the Next.js App Router and how to fix them

In this article on the Vercel engineering blog, Lee Robinson writes about ten common mistakes he sees developers make when building with the Next.js App Router, why these mistakes happen, and how you can fix/avoid them.

The Website vs. Web App Dichotomy Doesn't Exist

Jake Lazaroff writes about how there's more of a spectrum between websites and web apps than a simple dichotomy between the two and how that impacts the technology choices we make when building these projects.

Guide to client data in Remix

Remix just released this comprehensive guide on client data as a new section in their documentation.

Writing components that work in any frontend framework

In this article, Andrico Karoulla gives an example of an interactive component written as a web component, then refactors it using a library that softens the edges and removes heaps of boilerplate.

SOLID Principles in React/React Native

Ismail Harmanda outlines the five SOLID rules in software design for making your code more understandable, flexible, and maintainable and how they specifically apply to React and React Native projects.



A library that lets you use classic Rails to build rich React Redux applications with no APIs and no client-side routing.


A new library that gives you type-safe API Route Handlers for Next.js.

Apps that use Expo

Evan Bacon created this microsite that shows off some of the 1,599 apps that are using Expo in 2024.


React server components from scratch

In this 20-minute video, Ben Holmes from the Astro team shows you how to build a Node server, stream an RSC to your browser, and handle client component bundling.

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