React Newsletter #400

Mantine 7.4, Thoughts on Remix, and Bringing RSC to React Native

Convex is the easiest way to build a full-stack React app

It gives you a fully type-safe cloud backend that can immediately replace your database, server functions, and glue code -- and it comes with first-class React support. [sponsored]


React Native’s 2023 Highlights and 2024 Outlook Intro

In this article, James Andrew shares a pretty thorough summary of how the React Native landscape evolved in 2023 and where he projects it to go this year.

JavaScript frameworks heading into 2024

Solid.js creator, Ryan Carniato writes about three emerging trends that he anticipates will play an even bigger role in the world of JS frameworks in 2024.

2023 JavaScript Rising Stars

This report covers the JavaScript projects that received the most GitHub stars last year. shadcn/ui took home the #1 spot by receiving a whopping 39.5k stars in 2023.

The Two Reacts

Dan Abramov writes, "Components are code, and that code has to run somewhere. But wait -- whose computer should they run on? Should they run on your computer? Or on mine?" In the rest of the article, he makes the case for each side.

Thoughts on Remix

Solomon Hawk, a longtime senior React developer, writes his mostly positive thoughts on Remix, including what he likes, things he'd liked to see improved, and some big-picture thoughts.



A developer-focused load test platform that lets you use JavaScript and NPM packages to test anything across your stack and capture any metric. You just write a few lines of code, and it gives you scalable load tests that work on any protocol or database. [sponsored]

Mantine 7.4

This release comes with a new @mantine/charts package that provides a set of components for building charts and graphs, based on recharts.

Remix is working on a SPA mode

Keep your eyes peeled to see if this gets included in the next Remix release.


Bringing React Server Components to React Native

Szymon Rybczak, a 17-year-old developer who works at Callstack, gave this 28-minute talk at React Berlin explaining how we can use RSC with React Native to bring its optimizations to mobile apps.

HTMX For React Developers in 10 Minutes

If you've wondered what all the hype for HTMX is about, this is a helpful intro by Jack Herrington that explains how it can be a helpful, more lightweight alternative for building simple applications.

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