React Newsletter #40

Why Redux makes sense to me and how I conceptualize it, Bootstrapping a React project, Async Operations using redux-saga


Why Redux makes sense to me and how I conceptualize it

Redux can be a bit overwhelming at first. Here's one developer's take on diving into Redux as well as what helped him make it "click".


Bootstrapping a React project

The Auth.0 team walks us through building a react app from scratch.

Async Operations using redux-saga

redux-saga is a library that aims to make side effects (i.e. asynchronous things like data fetching and impure things like accessing the browser cache) in React/Redux applications easier and better. If you haven't learned sagas yet, here's a great place to start.

Installing the Facebook SDK into a React Native Android and iOS App

If you’re a native Android or iOS developer and are already familiar with those respective ecosystems, this blog post probably won’t do you much good. However, if you’re a JavaScript developer who doesn’t know what an Info.plist or a strings.xml file is and you’d rather have npm install take 45 minutes than open up Xcode, this guide is for you.



This is a really neat library made by Dmitry Zaets which makes it easy to test your redux actions with a mocked redux store.

Toolkit for React, Redux and React-route based SPA project.

Rekit is a toolkit to create and manage a React + Redux + React-router based SPA project. It uses the feature oriented project folder structure. That is all code is organized by features. There is a folder for each feature and all feature related actions, reducers, components and pages are put under the folder. If you are also comfortable with this pattern, you may find Rekit very useful because it helps you be focused on your application logic instead of technical details.

Firestack for rapidly building real-time, cross-platform serverless mobile apps

Firebase v3.0 and React Native make a great pair. react-native-firestack is a thin layer between the native JS Firebase libraries that adds support to the rest of the Google stack - including authentication, real-time database, remote config, storage, and real time events.

React BSOD

A Blue Screen Of Death (bsod) component to display your errors. As if getting errors wasn't bad enough, now you can get anxiety with them!

Redux Bug Reporter

Via Redux's middleware api, you can do a lot of neat things. Drew Schuster has built some middleware which allows you to track and report bugs.

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