React Newsletter #398

Expo 50 beta, React tricks, and the anatomy of shadcn/ui

Today's issue is sponsored by Clerk

In this blog post, Colin Sidoti wrote about how Clerk just launched Custom Roles & Permissions -- new helpers in Clerk’s SDK that make it easy to add enterprise-level permissions to your React app.


Expo 50 beta

This release comes with support for React Native 0.73, a new Expo devtools plugin API, a complete rewrite of their SQLite library, an updated expo-camera/next library, and more.

Expo Router v3 beta

This release offers a new experimental system for building server endpoints with API Routes, reduced bundle size, faster exports, and more powerful web support.


React Tricks: Fast, Fit and Fun

Alexey Taktarov wrote about some of the tips and tricks he's learned while working on Wouter, a small and open-source React router.

The Anatomy of shadcn/ui

In this article, Manupa dives deep into the architecture and implementation of one of the web's fastest growing UI libraries.

Next.js 14: Layouts vs Templates

Vishwas Gopinath explains the differences between layouts and templates, shows you how to set them up, and suggests the best situations for using each one.

Creating a macOS MenuBar app with React Native

In this article, Oskar Kwaśniewski discusses three different ways of creating a MenuBar-only app with NSMenu, NSPopover, or plain NSWindow.



A minimal React framework created by Daishi Kato (maintainer of Zustand and Jotai) that's specifically designed for RSC. Vercel recently started sponsoring it.

Storybook for React Server Components

The Storybook team just released experimental RSC support in Storybook’s Next.js framework.

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