React Newsletter #397

React Native 0.73, A guide to React Suspense, and Learning how modern JS frameworks work by building one

Today's issue sponsored by FusionAuth

They made this in-depth, free tutorial covering How To Use OAuth To Add Authentication To Your React App, that covers everything you need to know to implement a secure login/logout process with React and FusionAuth.


React Native 0.73

This release comes with some new debugging improvements with Hermes, stable symlink support, some new experimental features, and the next pillar of React Native's new architecture -- Bridgeless Mode.


A Guide to React Suspense

OlegWock wrote this interesting overview of Suspense that covers what it does, what the benefits are, how to get started using it, and more.

A Chain Reaction

In this article, Dan Abramov writes about what's going under the hood of JSX (among other things). Dan has hinted that this is the first article in a larger series of posts that will follow.

Let’s learn how modern JavaScript frameworks work by building one

Nolan Lawson writes that "one of the best ways to learn how something works, is to build it yourself." And in this in-depth article, he walks you through how to build your own modern, reactive framework so you can better understand how today's frameworks work.


Million.js 3.0

This release for "the VDOM replacement for React" comes with faster build times, a faster runtime, and no new APIs.

Propel Analytics

A serverless real-time analytics platform that makes it surprisingly easy to build customer-facing analytics. It also comes with a powerful UI kit of customizable React components for building beautiful dashboards and reports. [sponsored]

Reactotron just released v3.0

A desktop app for inspecting and debugging React Native applications, v3.0 comes with better logging, better Android debugging, and more.

Electron 28.0

This release adds support for ES Modules.


A new library of modern UI components and full website templates built on top of React, Next.js, and Tailwind.

Storybook 7.6

This final release of the Storybook 7 vintage comes with improved SWC support, new test utilities, a new Vitest-based testing library, and more.

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