React Newsletter #396

Meta open-sources StyleX, Major update for Redux libraries, and Astro 4.0

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Meta open-sources StyleX

StyleX is a JavaScript library for defining styles for optimized user interfaces that Meta has been using internally on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and more over the past three years. They just open-sourced it earlier this week.

Major update for all Redux libraries

This includes Redux 5.0, Redux Toolkit 2.0, and React-Redux 9.0.

Astro 4.0

This release upgrades Astro to Vite v5 and includes new features like an Astro dev toolbar, new internationalization routing, incremental content caching, and more.


TanStack Router – Modern React for the rest of us

Swizec Teller writes about how TanStack Router combines the best parts of Remix, NextJS, TRPC, and Chicane to give us tons of helpful and modern functionality, without requiring SSR.

Getting Started with React Native Skia

In this article on the Shopify blog, Daniel Friyia shares some of the best use cases for React Native Skia and how to use it to build cool 2D graphics in your projects.

Why they use AWS instead of Vercel to host their Next.js app

Greg Foster shares how and why his team at Graphite moved from a simple SPA deployment to a robust containerized environment using AWS ECS, and how that enhanced their ability to manage, deploy, and scale our Next.js application.

How To Use OAuth To Add Authentication To Your React App

In this article, Akira Brand walks through how to implement secure login/logout process with React and FusionAuth. [sponsored]

Web Components Eliminate JavaScript Framework Lock-in,

To prove how web components can "dramatically loosen the coupling of JS frameworks", Jake Lazaroff wrote this article where he built a WC app where every single component is written with a different JS framework.

A Complete Guide To Using Cookies in Next.js

Andrew Israel, founder and CEO of PropelAuth, wrote this exhaustive guide that walks through all the different ways to use cookies in Next.js.


MightyMeld: a visual dev tool for React

A new approach to browser-based dev tools. Visually change your app as it runs, your code updates as if you wrote it yourself. MightyMeld is free to use, and it works on most existing React apps. [sponsored]

React Native AI

Nader Dabit created this full-stack framework for building cross-platform mobile AI apps. It supports LLM real-time/streaming text and chat UIs, image services, natural language to images with multiple models, and image processing.

React Share v5.0

Social media share buttons and share counts for React apps.

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