React Newsletter #395

Astro 4.0 beta, Svelte through the eyes of a React developer, and Partial prerendering in Next.js 14

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Astro 4.0 beta

This is the first beta release of Astro 4, which includes the latest version of Vite (v5). They're also planning to bring some of the new features they've been working on out of experimental status and mark them as stable.


The Interactive Guide to Rendering in React

We wrote this very in-depth, interactive article to help answer one seemingly simple question: Exactly when and how does React update the view? By the end of it, you'll know everything there is to know about rendering in React.

Svelte Through the Eyes of a React Developer

In this article, Ido Shamun (Co-founder and CTO of Daily Dev) writes about his experience using Svelte for a new side project and how it brought "a mix of nostalgia and new challenges, reminding me of the classic simplicity of web development while introducing modern capabilities."

New Relic AI Monitoring -- now in early access 👀

This is the first monitoring solution that provides end-to-end visibility for any AI-powered application. Now available for early access, AIM provides engineers unprecedented visibility and insights across the entire AI stack, so they can build and run safe, secure, and responsible AI applications with confidence. You can read more about it here. [sponsored]

An Introduction To Full Stack Composability

Facundo Giuliani discusses how to go through both the server and the client sides of a project in order to align them with the content that you'll manage. He also compares how to implement composable logic into your code using different approaches provided by React-based frameworks like Remix and Next.js.



Storybook just released @storybook/test, which consolidates the API of @storybook/jest and @storybook/testing-library into a new, single package that is smaller and powered by Vitest. It also brings new testing patterns that quicken load times and increase the ease of reusing stories in different test systems, like Jest, Vitest, and Playwright/Cypress.


A Tiptap-based rich-text editor React component, which can also be used for displaying content in a read-only fashion. Typist also supports a plain-text mode and comes with HTML/Markdown serializers.

Containerized applications in Azure - free ebook

This free ebook walks you through how to deploy and monitor containerized applications using Azure and Datadog. [sponsored]

React Quiz Component

Exactly what it sounds like -- a React component that lets users attempt a quiz with a JSON-based input, quiz input validator, quiz landing page, and more.


Partial Prerendering in Next.js 14 (Preview)

In this 12-minute video, Lee Robinson gives an early look at Partial Prerendering, which claims to give you the best parts of both static and dynamic rendering in the same page.

Design patterns in React

This 15-minute video walks through a few design patterns in React that are on the slightly more advanced side. These patterns are designed to help you build scalable React applications and create components that are easy to understand, so that you can layer in additional complexity later on as needed.

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