React Newsletter #394

Partial pre-rendering in Next.js 14, Switching from Preact to React, and RTK 2.0 RC

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Convex gives you a type-safe backend that can easily replace your database, server functions, and glue code. I often say that it's like a 2023 version of Firebase, and it's particularly easy to integrate with React apps.


Redux Toolkit 2.0 RC (plus Redux Core 5.0 + React-Redux 9.0)

This release candidate modifies the approach for defining async thunks inside of createSlice and improves several bits of usage and implementation around selectors. The Redux team is aiming for stable major releases of RTK, Redux core, and React-Redux early next month or in January.


Building towards a new default rendering model for web applications

In this article on the Vercel blog, Sebastian Markbåge and Malte Ubl write about how the new Partial Pre-rendering approach in Next.js 14 "brings together the best aspects of popular rendering modes, enabling both fast edge delivery and dynamic data access from core data centers."

React Server Components

This series of videos and articles by Jesse Pence gives an in-depth look at RSC and tries to help you understand how they work and what problems they are trying to solve.

How and why Daily Dev switched from Preact to React

And interesting case study that goes over Daily Dev's decision making process to switch back to React from using Preact, along with the technical details of how they handled the migration.

How we built a GPT Web App Generator for React & Node.js - from idea to 25,000 apps in 4 months

Matija Sosic, creator of the Wasp full-stack React framework, wrote this article about how he and his team created MAGE - a GPT-powered web app generator and what developers have been using it to build over the last few months.


Senior or Staff Front-end Engineer is looking for an experienced React developer to help design and implement major user-facing features. Close is a 100% globally distributed team of ~85 happy people, dedicated to building a product our customers love.


React Datasheet Grid

An Airtable/Excel-like component to create beautiful spreadsheets.


A command line tool for creating SVG sprite sheets and rendering them with a React Icon component. Created by Alex Anderson.


A JavaScript library with bindings for React (and other frameworks) that allows you to easily make an HTML element draggable, moveable, rotatable, resizeable, and more.


A library that lets you integrate custom conversational assistants into your React applications. Created by Markus Ecker.

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