React Newsletter #393

RSC without a framework, Why you need React Query, and react-google-maps

Kinde is a new, more powerful way to do auth

They give you all the auth features you need right out of the box -- SSO, MFA, social logins, etc. -- and make it super easy to integrate with the rest of your app.

Check out their robust free tier to try it out.


React Server Components without a Framework?

This article by Tim Pillard provides an in-depth look at what's happening under the hood with React Server Components, so that you can understand how they work, independently of meta-frameworks like Next.js.

Why you ~~want~~ need React Query

TkDodo is a lead maintainer of React Query, and in this article he shares what makes React Query so helpful, even for "simple" use cases like fetching data from a server. Check out the landing page for his upcoming React Query course to learn even more RQ magic.

How to generate dynamic OG images with Remix

Jacob Paris walks through how to set a social preview image that works on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, etc., and how to use Remix to automatically generate a social preview image for your website.

HTML Web Components

In this article, Jim Nielsen explains why web components don’t work like React components and how you need to think about each one differently when attempting to build them.

Refreshing the Next.js App Router When Your Markdown Content Changes

Steve Ruiz walks you through how to see live reloads when the content changes when writing MDX content for a Next.js blog.



A new (still alpha) React wrapper for the Google Maps JavaScript API that allows you to use a Google Map as a fully controlled reactive component.

Ark UI

A component library for React, Solid, and Vue that focuses on providing low-level UI components with an emphasis on accessibility, customization, and good DX.


Why Signals are better than React Hooks

In this 16-minute video, Web Dev Simplified explains how Signals work in React and why he likes them so much. Marvin Hagemeister (creator of the @preact/signals library) commented that "this is by far the best video about signals and why they are so exciting."

NextJS 14: You Missed The Best Part!

In this 15-minute video, Jack Herrington discusses one of his favorite talks from Next.js Conf and explains how we can turn React components into self-contained "Lego blocks" that talk to backend services.

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