React Newsletter #391

Next.js 14, State of React, and Docusaurus 3.0

Today's issue is sponsored by Convex

Convex gives you a type-safe backend that can replace your database, server functions, and glue code. In many ways, it's like a 2023 version of Firebase that's particularly easy to integrate with React apps.

Check it out.


State of React Survey

The State of React Survey is open right now, and we'd love for you to show some love to and Bytes in the "Resources" section 😘. React Newsletter didn't make the cut for some reason.

Next.js 14

The Next team is calling v14 their "most focused release yet." There are no new APIs, but there are some highlights, including:

  • The Turbopack CLI is almost stable (90% of tests are passing), leading to 53% faster local server startup and 94% faster code updates with Fast Refresh.
  • Stable support for Server Actions
  • Partial Prerendering (Preview): Fast initial static response + streaming dynamic content
  • A new free course called Next.js Learn that covers the App Router, authentication, databases, and more.

useFormState lands in React Canary

This hook allows you to update state based on the result of a form action.

Unstable support for Vite in Remix 2.2.0

This gives you all of Vite's super fast DX features out of the box when using Remix.


On Mixing Client and Server

Matt Rickard wrote this quick article about how you can use the “use server” directive to run components exclusively on the server. He covers what this allows you to do that you couldn't do previously in your React apps and what some of the good and bad consequences of this change might be.

The complete guide to WebSockets with React

In this in-depth article, Alex Booker teaches you "more than you ever thought you needed to know about WebSockets with React, including how to build a smooth realtime cursor experience from scratch", complete with helpful code examples.


Docusaurus 3.0

This major release upgrades dependencies (including a challenging upgrade from MDX v1 to v3), adds support for ES Modules and TypeScript config files, makes it possible to build your static site in dev mode, and more.


A major release with relatively minor new features, v3 removes some deprecated APIs, makes some improvements to the MDX format, and features new-and-improved docs.

Astro 3.4

Highlights include page partials, image optimization improvements, and a new experimental dev overlay that allows you to inspect your page islands.


A new font created by Vercel that they announced during Next.js Conf. It claims to be "specifically designed for developers and designers."

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