React Newsletter #39

React 15.3.0, SVG images as React components with Webpack, and React SSR with simple Redux store hyrdration


Release v15.3.0

React now officially has a PureComponent property which allows you to extend your classes into pure components replacing the old react-addons-pure-render-mixin since mixins don't work with classes.


SVG Images as React Components With Webpack

If you’ve ever tried to load inline SVG (using svg-inline-loader) into React, you know it seriously hurts people’s eyes. Learn a better way with this tutorial.

React Server Side Rendering with Simple Redux Store Hydration

So you’re building a site using React, have React Router managing what components to render given a particular URL and finally have Redux looking after the state. This appears to be the go-to architecture these days and theres nothing wrong with that. Now what if you want to render your entire application on the server and send it down to the client? Nav Garcha shows us how!



Powerful, efficient front-end framework and CLI, built on the industry's best technologies.

Redux Create-Reducers

A tiny utility to create reducer maps for Redux.

React Router Animation Example

This project is an example using React Router and React' Animations in a mobile context.


Building app with React and Redux

Still haven't learned Redux? Check out this free youtube series.

React Create App Video

React-Create-App, so hot right now. Set up React apps with zero configuration in two minutes with this video lesson by Trevor

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