React Newsletter #389

TanStack Query v5, Remix 2.1, and Optimizing package imports in Next.js

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Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month! 🛡️

86% of developers expect their usage of APIs to increase in the next year. Have you prepared by locking down your API security?

Check out this free API Security 101 Guide from Nylas to understand the key elements of world-class API security (like encryption, authentication, etc.) so you can protect your users' critical data.


TanStack Query v5

This major release makes TanStack Query 20% smaller than v4, streamlines and simplifies TanStack APIs, and comes with lots of new features:

  • ♻️ Shareable mutation state
  • 🔀 Suspense and streaming w/ RSC
  • ♾ Improved infinite queries
  • 🛠️ New agnostic devtools
  • 💾 Fine-grained persistence

Remix is officially exploring the use of Vite

Vite support is still unstable for now, but Remix is exploring adopting it as an alternative compiler to esbuild.


How we optimized package imports in Next.js

Shu Ding from the Next.js team writes about how they were able to make the latest version of Next have 40% faster cold boots and 28% faster builds, and the iterative course they took towards the solution.

Hydration, the Saboteur of Lazy Loading

Miško Hevery writes about how hydration will try to sabotage you when doing lazy loading and executing less code to try and speed up your application and what you can do about it.

Server-side pagination with Remix

In this article, Jacob Paris writes that, "Showing the right data for each URL is what Remix was made for, so it's actually easier to implement server-side pagination with Remix than it is to do it on the client." Then he walks through how to do this, with a few helpful code snippets.

Using RCTView & RCTText in React Native for Performance Gains

Mo Khazali shares what he learned by creating his own experiment and benchmark to compare React Native rendering performance.

The Best ESLint Rules for React Projects

In this article, TimJ walks through some valuable ESLint plugins and rules tailored specifically for React projects.


Senior Full Stack Engineer - Próspera

Próspera is a leader in Governance as a Service. We are seeking a full stack javascript engineer to lead the development of our e-Governance platform.


Remix v2.1

This release comes with experimental support for the View Transitions API, stability for the createRemixStub API, and more.

gluestack-ui v1.0

A universal UI library that provides themed and unstyled components. These components are designed for easy integration into applications developed with React, React Native, Next.js, and Expo.

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